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Supamann Barnes Story

Finding Inspiration out of despair

My story is a deep one and everything i went through wont be here. ill start off from when I was 10 my mom had a lot of emotional issues. Well and we grew up under whatever happens in this house stays in this house mentality. So her real pain she kept inside and drowned her pain away with drinking alcohol. She was a heavy drinker I remember waking up in and just hearing her crying. One day she stabbed my brother in the back then called the police on him and in turn she was the one that went to jail, my brother was ok he needed to get stitches but we were placed in the foster care system where we spent two years in there. A lot happens there but fast forward my mother completed her classes and stopped drinking and got us back. Everything seemed great two months in but The drinking got replaced for smoking cigarettes and one of the things that cause some people is mood swings so one-moment she’s fine next moment she will yell at us extensively. It was times when I tried to fall asleep and she will kick us awake just to yell. It got to the point where she will kick me awake and then kick me out of the house so from the age of 13 years old I was homeless. I use to sleep in trash cans, in laundry mats, behind the library near my house because it had a spot where I can hide and no one could see me. early stages there were times where I went without eating for a week or survived off of peanut butter. Later stages I would try to take babysitting jobs where I would babysit five days a week all day to make 40 dollars every two weeks, just so I can have something to eat.

Not only that I was a kid who had(as I’ve counted) over 100 pimples over his face. I had an accent so I spoke differently than everyone in school and not having a place to stay there were days where my hygiene was pretty bad! So going to school I was the kid that got talked about… Daily!

It was during these times I felt love wasn’t meant for me and that I was a waste of life and I should have never been brought in this world. I tried to commit suicide over five times but just couldn’t bring myself to do it as if something was holding me back. But then I got closer to my spiritual journey and in that, I realized that I must become the cement version of love so that whoever I meet I can help them from ever feeling as low as I felt. So I dedicated my life to helping as many people as possible. But during this time I still didn’t have that self-love quality that could make that as powerful as it could have been. I was the person everyone came to for help but I still felt low I just didn’t show it.

But time goes by and I find out I’m having a son but his mother was living in Chicago while I was living in long beach, CA. To turn a super long story short with that one. I move to Chicago because I wanted to make sure that my son knew the love of his father. I didn’t have anyone out there, I didn’t have any resources out there all I knew was that I was a dad and a real dad will make the impossible possible. SO I went out there got on my feet and everything now at this time I was 21 I build a little more self-confidence in myself through modeling and also was heavily into fitness training and also was doing public speaking and open mic poetry (this was before I knew you could even make public speaking into a business I was doing it because I wanted to spread love). So I had got my income taxes and I remember I was faced with a difficult decision at the time Rather buy a camera and start photography or buy a ps3… Yea I was still in an immature state of mind and didn’t know that true value of investing so this decision was so hard that I had to pray about it. Thankfully I decided on a camera and started my photography journey. And that became one of my passions I loved holding a camera and you will catch me doing it every single day and I would try to make as much money as possible but looking back at it, it wasn’t that much but all I knew was I had a son and I had a new gift so I had to use it to make sure I take care of my son.

So things were going good I got two jobs a place had got a new girl and things were going smooth photography was getting better and better. That’s until it all came crashing down. So one of my jobs I got fired from, I started getting super to the point where I felt like I was gonna die, the girl I dated we ended up breaking up and the place that I got was actually in someone else name but they ended up losing their place so they decided that they were going to stay in mine and I had to leave within 1 week. and this all happen on my bday. I remember walking down the street at night time on my bday with tears in my eyes not knowing what I was going to do. But I proclaimed to my self I will never be in this situation ever again. This was the moment of me defining myself it took all this pain all at one time for me to come to terms that I’m taking and creating love within my self that I have the power to create the Joshua Dhonte Barnes I want to create. I identified myself with success.

Three of the people Which I call my virtual mentors Eric Thomas, Les Brown and Enspcially Anthony robins I started admiring them and then found out that you could get paid for the things that I have been doing and most passionate about which is public speaking.

So I start revamping my life, I set a goal to read 100 books a year, I decided after five years that it was time to leave Chicago because my photography wasn’t making as much money during the cold times of the year, and I started building a company called SUPAInnerPrize(Supa stands for Success ultimate power’s achieved). Which is a business where we teach and create a platform for people to identify with success through coaching public speaking workshops and more. This is why I am nicknamed SUPAmann Barnes. So, I can tell everyone that they can all be supamanns and supawomans if I came from all this.

So I’m cutting this story really short, this isn’t everything but only want to keep the key things in there but to finish it off I have always been passionate about psychology and now after reading so many psychology books I realize that my mom had a mental break down. She grew up with 11 brothers and sisters, she went through a lot as a child as is, and then when in relationships she had got hurt and now she had 2 kids that she struggled to take care of. It wasn’t her fault it was a mental break down we have to teach that going to a psychologist or even a life coach can help you extraordinarily. It doesn’t mean your crazy it means your growing.

As for me now I’m a Life coach, public speaker, photographer, videographer and a few months from making this post i will be adding author to that list as well. 

My photography and videography company is called BYOH(Be Your Hero) Productions I utilize photography and videography to make people realize how awesome and amazing they are.  the experience stems mainly psychological so once they get in front of my camera I give them the experience to show them how amazing they are. I am still growing both but I have been working with celebrities and business now with both as well. So I’m excited about the future.

If it wasn’t for the pain I would not be an instrument to help the world. Once I was able to take control of my perception, build self-love within myself and define myself not based on what I went through but based on what I wanted to be. I was able to become king of my life. I was able to become Supa I was able to become my hero!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
*Dealing with Depression
*Dealing with isolation( Was my main enemy)
*Had to hear some of the worse things from some of the people I cared the most for
*Had to overcome the feeling of suicide
*Had to come to go to long beach to Chicago with nothing and grow up and become a man
*Had to go from Chicago to Arizona and build my name and business up
*Had to find people who I could look up to and say I want to take up their torch Which was Les Brown, Eric Thomas, and Anthony Robins
*Had to do a lot of reading and building and growing
*Had to let go of thoughts I held on to
*Had to make sure I didn’t take things personally
*Had to find the good in every situation


The list goes on. Obstacles and challenges make you stronger to make it possible to leap towards your goal. The ability of finding the light within the dark is what makese the impossible possible. Sometimes life takes us on a journey to understand that other ways before we go forth in what we are called to do. 

Tell us about your company. What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of as a company? What sets you apart from others?
My companies are Byoh Production and Supainnerprize. Byoh production which stands for Be Your Own Hero productions is my photography and videography company where we want people who stand in front of our camera to realize how amazing they are or how amazing the business is. With photography, I specialize in portrait photography and family photography. With Video I specialize in filming commercials, ads, parties, events, and music videos.

Supainnerprize is my personal development company where we teach people how to identify with success. I do Fitness coaching, Life coaching and public speaking with this company. We have our minds set on being the number 1 personal development company in the world by creating a platform that can result in change and get them in an immersed environment where growth is certain!

Proud of both of these companies because I have helped sooooo many people with this. My whole deal is still trying to help many people as possible I just have more goals along with that so I can have access to more resources so I can help even more people. With the knowledge I have I desire to use this one life to save/help billions.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Read more books from an early age and invest better. But other than that the pain I went through the lessons I learned was way too valuable. I wouldn’t have the heart I have now if it wasn’t for that. So the only things I would have changed is where I invested my money and how much I went after knowledge from a young age

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