I Am SUPA Hike 

I Am SUPA Hikes are made to create a way to put your brain in a "I can". Our hike takes place starting at 5 am to get people out of their comfort zone. During the course of the hike, we reflect on certain topics that encourage, inspire, motivate and also challenge us to go beyond and represent the success we want to reach.

Event is postponed until further notice


Supainnerprize goal is to help people push to the next level and realize that their identity that of success.  Meaning that their life is significant and they have the power to accomplish the goals they have set. Through our seminars and workshops, we create an environment where people can immerse themselves with the mindset to push them into the realm to create the things they wish to create. 

Seminars is postponed until further notice

Empowerment Group Workout 

We push the body to its limit while engaging in affirmative words,chants and more. Creating a positive environment followed up by a discussion to help keep that same energy on a daily basis. 

Event is postponed until further notice